The Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union

Serving the Diocese of Los Angeles since 1992


Our Mission

Providing members of our community with a strong financial and economic base, we will tangibly and faithfully invest in and empower the families, small businesses, institutions, and neighborhoods that make up our diocesan community.

Who We Are

The Rodney King Riots of 1992 shone light on the depth of the economic disparity and injustice in Los Angeles, making visible the lack of access to fair and regulated banking options for people living in lower income communities, and those who had little to no credit. It was in response to this need, with a commitment to honoring the dignity of every human being that The Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union (ECFCU) came to be.

Founded in 1992 in Los Angeles with a grant from The Presiding Bishop’s Fund for World Relief, now known as Episcopal Relief and Development, the credit union began operations in 1994 and persists as a ministry of economic justice.

Shared Branching

 With shared branching, you can access your money at thousands of U.S. locations or abroad with no fees.

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